One among your best friends is a Wiccan, and you’ve decided it will a nice idea to show them that you support their non secular choices (whether you share them or not). So , you’ve decided to send them a Wiccan greeting card for the Sabbat. What a great idea! Only problem is, you might not KNOW what a good Sabbat is, WHEN a Sabbat is, or what these kinds of are called. Don’t worry, we can help.

A Sabbat it’s essentially a Holy day, similar to Easter and Christmas intended for Christians. They follow what Wiccans call the “Wheel of the Year” whose turning bring the seasons, and with them all, the Sabbats. The word “Sabbat” comes originally from the Latin “sabbatum” which means “to rest. ” Note that Sabbath and even Shabbat come from the same root.

There are eight Wiccan Sabbats, and they include two congĂ© sabbatique per year, two Equinoxes, and 4 Sabbats that are known as “cross quarters. ” Their moment can be a little bit tricky, but in general, if you send some card just before the Sabbat, most people are very happy to receive these products, and if you get a “but the day was YESTERDAY and you needs to be a nincompoop who can’t figure out how to figure out when the direct sun light reaches 15 degrees in Leo” then don’t allow them to have a card again because they are being too anal for you to deserve one. (If you’re a Pagan who obtains a card on the “wrong” day, Kestra urges that you sincerely thank the person for thinking of you and for their very own gesture of goodwill).

So what are the Sabbats? If you are from the Northern Hemisphere, here they are, with APPROXIMATE dates. Provided that most Wiccans celebrate the Sabbats when convenient (generally on a Friday or Saturday night) figure that if They might move the Sabbat times around, you are certainly warranted in giving a card that is not on the exact hour together with minute that the Sabbat happens to fall:

Samhain (pronounced Sow-when) is the Pagan New Year, between October 31 and Late 1, (or whenever the sun reaches 15 degrees throughout Scorpio)

Yule Remember the Yule Log and the adorned tree and all that stuff? Well, that’s Yule: -). It is also known as Winter Solstice and occurs between Decembert 20 and the 23rd, during the shortest day of the season.