My partner and i get this question a lot! Almost very day actually! I just wear my third eye sunglasses as often as I can certainly for a real purpose. First of all, it’s fun and fun is indeed very important. I’m able to exchange smiles with a lot of people in the course of my day – to connect with them. With all the suffering I’ve been through it brings me great joy to be able to bring a smile to someone’s face – a stranger, someone No later than this probably never have a chance to meet. Many people get it and they strike up a conversation with me about their experiences.

Many people don’t understand and I’m so glad they feel comfortable enough to come up and get me, “So, What’s Up With the 3rd eye activation? ” Often the conversation begins and I’m able to plant some seeds as well as share a little bit about my story overcoming depression, stress, and twelve years on a cocktail of pharmaceuticals. And in addition they begin to share their story, or their child’s report, or their mother’s story. The dialogue begins in relation to depression. Something that unfortunately has become a taboo topic. It was playing, my world for nearly twenty years, and now it is my appreciation to teach people about our mind, body, spirit network and our bodies’ beautiful abilities to heal effortlessly.

Depression and Anxiety are not illnesses in and of their selves, but rather are side effects of the body’s holistic imbalance. The exact imbalance can be caused by literally thousands of different reasons and also healing comes with healing the causes, not treating the regarding depression with a pill. Don’t get me wrong – When i support people’s decisions to take pharmaceuticals when they need these individuals. I certainly did. I was not in a position to heal by myself at that time. I had two very sick children, mom commitments, and other life issues to deal with.

So back to the third eye… how does this relate to depression and anxiety? And is there such a thing? The third eye is our pineal péripétie and it is located in the center of our forehead a about half way back inside the skull between the two hemispheres. It is in control of melotonin and serotonin production. It is a gland that actually provides the same vitreous fluid as our other two view. “What? Why is this the first time I’ve heard about this? micron, you might be asking. I get it! I really didn’t learn about this until I was in my early 40s. How could I definitely not know about one of my body parts? Why wasn’t I tutored about this when I was learning about my little piggies along with my head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees in addition to toes? I really felt a little jipped to learn about it consequently late in life. When I learned more about how keeping this particular gland healthy gave me so much power and connection to enjoyment, joy, and my life’s purpose I knew I needed for more info and teach my brothers and sisters about it.

Other cultures observe the pineal gland and they understand the power in it. The very Buddhists and Hindus – they get it. They use the item. They feed it. They honor it. Why is it a really big secret over here in the west? Or will it be? Then I started noticing things – the symbol is used everywhere – since the founding of our country, primarily in positive ways depicting the all knowing eyes of God and the individual’s ability to connect individually fot it. I noticed the dollar bill and I searched the internet to uncover who else knows about this beautiful organ we have when Seems in the dark about it for so long. It’s been used by organizations such as Illuminati, the French government, the US Government, the Free Masons, 911 memorials, Madonna’s super bowl show, a New Year’s Eve celebration in Sydney on the Harbor bridge, and so on etc .

Is the eye symbol good or evil? What makes that relate to me? The pineal gland is a wonderful aspect of our physical anatomy that connects us into the beautiful aspect of our energetic or spiritual anatomy plus spirituality as a whole. When we are born our third eye is definitely healthy and activated, just like most of our body parts. I became not taught (like probably most of my readership) the best way to keep it healthy with good nutrition and exercise (third eye exercise, not jogging – LOL), so quarry shriveled up and I didn’t even know it was generally there.